London Nicole
Publicity Creator. Brand Accelerator. Visionary. Fireball since the lemonade stand. Natasha-Nicole “London” Valley has become a go-to expert behind the scenes in the sports, entertainment and lifestyle arenas.

Born in the United Kingdom—during Michael Jordan’s first NBA game– and raised between the States and England, Valley used participation in sports as a way to quickly adapt and build strong relationships. After excelling in various sports on both sides of the Atlantic and seeing behind the scenes during frequent professional sports arena visits, the business of sports and entertainment captured her interest at a young age.

While attending Florida A&M University for both undergrad and graduate school, regardless of the number of introductions as Natasha-Nicole, classmates in every course attended and student organization assigned the nickname London as if it were its first mention. So, a brand was born.

After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a Journalism/PR minor and a Master’s in Public Administration, London Nicole further developed her public relations skills by interning for Celebrity Publicist, Krystle Coleman, (NFL athletes, Slip-n-Slide Records; Trina, Rick Ross, Plies, and Carmelo Anthony’s record label), as well as Askia Fountain, Timeless Entertainment /Compound Entertainment (Ne-Yo’s label).  As a result, Fountain became one of London’s first clients, and Coleman offered a Strategic Business deal. The entrepreneur also accredits her knowledge in branding solutions to Kansas.com / Yahoo!, where she was handpicked to execute sports related projects.

With expanding knowledge and experience in public relations and branding, London Nicole is a brand who builds lasting creative solution bridges for professional athletes, sports agents, entertainers, business owners and lifestyle brands.  



Influences public perception using strategic communication tools such as press releases, media pitching, press kit creation, event planning, tour publicity, crisis management and other public relations practices.

Brand Consultant

Ensures brand cohesiveness and protection, branding development tools such as image consulting, website consulting and personal branding.

Media Trainer

Structures message development using in-person and online media training, on the court/field sports media training, media training workshops, social media training, print/radio/TV interview preparation, red carpet assistance and crisis communications consulting.

Social Media Specialist

Creates social media campaigns, along with social media management and trend monitoring while keeping a consistent brand voice.

Creative Director

Collaborates with brands to connect a sense of cool from the initial vision of a project, product or campaign, to the execution and marketing.

Problem Solver

Protects brands through crisis management tools such as reputation management, online reputation management, social media reputation management, target audience perception assessment, media coaching and crisis communications.

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